Concetta Perot on The Cultural Review Show

29 January 2014


One of Artists Info‘s hugely talented artists Concetta Perot talks to Melanie Burnell about being commissioned by the UK’s biggest tile specialists Topps Tiles to create a stunning mosaic tree to celebrate their 50th year in business.

It stands almost 3m tall in the reception area of their Head Quarters in Leicester. Concetta painstakingly made each leaf separately with hand-cut tiles using traditional mosaic tools and then carefully arranged them in a 3d fashion giving depth and movement to the piece. Each leaf represents a Topps Tiles store, encapsulated history and growth.

There are thousands of hand cut pieces throughout the mosaic which took around 90 days to make. Many of the tiles were disused so there is a huge element of recycling in the mosaic, something which Concetta keenly promotes.

Concetta also talks about her inspirations and passion behind mosaics, how she came to fall in love with them and her personal journey to become a successful mosaic artist.

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