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1 July 2013


We are developing a pioneering new art app which will enable viewers to be able to view art in their own homes digitally in 3D and to scale using the latest AR technology and then make purchases from the store. This will be a new addition to the Artists Info experience designed to help encourage sales.

Artists can have their work for sale on the new app store for just £25 (inc) per 6 images.


Artists Info artists can enter up to 12 images to our app store for FREE in addition to their current listing. Images submitted to the app store must be different to those showcased on their current gallery.

Sales made via the app will be subject to a 35% commission. This is to help cover the associated costs of developing such an advanced app. Artists Info artists, please note that being included on the app will not affect our 0% commission-rate on any sales you make of work you have listed on the Artists Info art directory.

In the event of a sale being made through our app store you will be notified straight away and asked to remove the sold artwork image from anywhere else it is up for sale and asked to package and courier it to the customer. Please factor the commission into your price and add the cost of (same country) shipping separately (which the buyer will pay for). You will then be paid once the buyer has received their work.


If you want to be included on our new app (current Artists Info artists will be automatically accepted but still need to opt-in) please email us as soon as possible at [email protected] with the subject heading 'App Opt-in' and attach up to 12 images of your work (image size maximum 150-200kb), titled, with sizes (inches) and priced in pounds sterling. Make sure that your prices allow for commission and include your (same country) shipping costs separately for each item. Please also include a profile picture of you. This is only currently available for 2D work (no sculpture or jewellery.) If you have any queries please let us know.


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