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10 June 2014

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Who we are, how we work and how we offer worldwide exposure to our artists


- Buying and selling art online is an influential and rapidly expanding industry. People wishing to relish and purchase original art, now have a previously unimaginable, worldwide choice at their fingertips, offering opportunity to browse and buy online. A perfect and pleasurable blend of talent and technology.

- A recent report by the BBC, reported that online art buying is now becoming an industry norm. It is an industry worth an estimated £40bn and is growing yearly by 20%.

- Naturally, what’s good for the art purchaser is good for the artist. Dealing direct ensures the best financial and logistical arrangement for both parties.

- Online exhibiting provides a worldwide showcase 24/7 for the artist and their work.

- Tools and online marketing techniques are constantly updating. Our site enables artists to take advantage of this, whilst our on-going social media output ensures constant promotion for current work and forthcoming exhibitions.


It’s now easier and faster to exhibit, organise, browse and purchase art than ever before. As a sales-conscious artist you probably already have a website and Facebook page but in order to maximise opportunity you need publicity. We can provide that as detailed below.


Our exclusive award winning art directory now includes talent from across five continents and showcases a variety of disciplines and styles including paintings, photography, sculpture, jewellery design and more.

-  Artists Info not only welcomes artists and art lovers, but also a whole range of additional purchasing specialists including Interior Designers, Architects, Fine Art and Commercial Print Publishers and Art Dealers.

- Browsing Artists Info offers a truly amazing range of choice and options, stunning original art by talented, established and emerging artists from around the globe.

- Based in the UK, our experts search worldwide to select and invite artists to join us.

- The site is easy to navigate, incorporating a sophisticated search facility and is constantly being updated and enhanced to provide cutting edge efficiency.

- Browsing Artists Info offers a truly amazing range of choice and options, stunning original art by talented, established and emerging artists from around the globe.

- Artist's Membership is a one off yearly fee of just £49.99 fully inclusive.

- No commissions are taken on sales made.

- Artists Info is ranked on Page 1 of Google and gets over 12000 visitors each month.

- Our Art Channel is ranked No1 on YouTube and has had over 13000 views.

- We reach a further 70000+ people per week through our social media sites and social network connections including our association with the massively popular global art sharing movement The Artistic Blog.

- We are members of  Pinterest and have been selected by them to be featured as one of their star boards, recommending new pinners to follow.

- Our Marketing Team is always delighted to promote any news on our blog and social networks to tens of thousands of people.

- Laura Berrill, our journalist and PR Specialist is always ready to promote a newsworthy story for any of our featured artists.

- We love sharing our artists’ news!  You will find further and more detailed information, together with links, on

Testimonial from Artists Info artist Barbara Jardine

There has been a huge surge in interest in my work and it’s all thanks to Artists Info! Artists Info contacted me – I guess having seen my website. I usually treat similar unsolicited contacts with cynical caution, but I am so glad that I followed my gut and contacted them.  Even though I am the
first Caribbean artist on their books, and my website is not even a commercial site as such, the team have gone out of their way to bring it and the work to a wider audience using their technical knowledge, PR skills and genuine interest. My dealings with them have been on a personal, interactive level as well – a rarity in this digital era. Artists considering joining should feel comfortable and safe in their hands.
Barbara Jardine Gallery

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