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6 November 2013

Artists Info & Eli-Chem Winning Artist Announced

Congratulations to our hugely deserving competition winner Anna Sweet from the USA. Her stunning artwork was chosen as the winning entry from the hundreds of entries submitted to the Illuminate the Globe art competition run by leading online art gallery Artists Info and top resin manufacturer Eli-Chem. Anna used Eli-Chem’s amazing new artists resins to create her masterpiece to win over £1000 in cash & prizes.

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About our (now Award-Winning!) artist Anna Sweet

The focus of Anna's work is women immersed in water, at the “decisive moment” of their expression. Altered photographic images are mounted on aluminum and encased in UV-resistant resin and semiprecious materials such as crystal, metals, minerals, and glass. The resin encasement preserves the color and texture of the semiprecious materials and prolongs the life of the photographic print.

When exposed to sunlight or halogen, the works glisten with rays of red, blue, green, and yellow. The photographic images and encased materials coalesce into a stunning, seemingly three-dimensional   representation of the subject. The subjects in her series are radiant displays of female beauty.


Above: Anna's stunning winning entry


Above: Helena “Shining Light”

In creating this image Anna strove to capture a feeling of ultimate ecstasy. Her body is embracing all that surrounds her as she opens up in a moment of freedom and levity. This piece is a part of a limited edition of twenty five and is available in three varying sizes, 24x36 / 30x45 / 40x60

For more of her stunning work visit Anna's website


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