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21 September 2015


As 'Matchmakers Of The Art World', the purpose of the Artists Info website is to enable art buyers to connect directly with our artists via the contact forms on each artist's Gallery Listing.

We receive a copy of all these messages and would like to share a few highlights with you....

messages image

"I bought one of your paintings ("Water") at an Art Exhibition in Hertford about four years ago. I'm not in the area any more but am looking for something to accompany it. Do you have anything currently for sale?"

"Just viewed your work which we think is lovely. We are The Barker a Gallery. We previously traded from our premises in Eton but now we focus on art fairs. We like your work because it is strikingly different from the other artists which we will work with and because of your outstanding talent. Please let us know if you are interested."

"I would love this picture in my kitchen.
Could you tell me if there are copies/prints available? Sizes? Prices?
Look forward to hearing from you."

"Is it possible to purchase a copy of Puffin picture?
If yes - could you forward details please.
Wait to hear back..."

"We are looking for a painting for a special spot in our new house. We wondered if you have any art on display at any gallery in Victoria at the moment? Look forward to hearing from you..."

"I saw your paintings exhibited in Rye gallery this weekend. I really like the Seascapes and was thinking of buying one, but wanted to find out how much it would be to commission one? Ideally, 1x1 metre."

"I found your work after I saw an image on Instagram (was looking at #wetpaint). I like it very much. I live in San Francisco and Rhode Island. I would love to know what work you have available to purchase. Let me know."

"We love your picture at the Summer Exhibition - Transcience III. Can we buy it directly from you, as the RA has sold their quota."

"I bought one of your limited edition prints earlier this year at the Malvern show, it was called the allotments, as a gift for my daughter's new home. How pleased she was when she received. It seems I now have a new tradition which has started in the Deeley house holds. My son is due to complete on his first home within the next 10 days ... I would like to purchase a similar print for my son and wonder what the best way would be to do this."

"We are a hotel & restaurant in Cleethorpes and for 10 years now we have been displaying and selling artwork. Would it be possible for you to send us a brochure of all your artwork and price list."

"I recently saw some of your artwork here in Evansville Indiana and was admiring it at a friends house. I asked her who the artist was and found you here. I was wondering if you had any equestrian abstract paintings for sale?"

"We recently got engaged on the beach at Marazion. We were hoping we might be able to get a painting done of the bay with the mount. We like the style of your sennen cove painting and wanted to get in touch to discuss something similar."

"We really love all your work be great to represent you!"

"I met you very briefly in Eton a few months back, my inlaws have several of your originals adorning their walls and they look fantastic! I want to treat myself to a piece of art before I deploy and I was wondering if you had any original city life's available for sale."

"I've just stumbled upon your work here. Your paintings look superb on this web site and I'm sure even better in the flesh. Keep up the good work."

"My husband and I just purchased one of your bats from OCG Marketplace in Ambleside. We love your work and were wondering if you would be able to make us a crow, about 24-36 inches tall in an interesting pose."

"I am hoping to find a silversmith who is able to produce a small, high quality pendant of a butterfly in silver/red enamel to replace a treasured piece my wife has worn for 35 years and has sadly recently lost."

"I am looking for new artwork for my new gallery in Storrington - looking for large statement pieces - is this the kind of thing you do?"

"I went to the RA summer show yesterday and was blown away by your print. I kept counting the dots, in the hope it wouldn't add up to 50 and even asked at the sales desk. If there is a 51st knocking around I'd love it. Or another print." - Matchmakers Of The Art World

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