28 May 2014

Artists Info Birthday Celebrations

Around 80 people came to our first year Birthday celebration evening from South London to Northamptonshire and all places in between! A mixture of friends of the artists, artists coming to see what Artists Info was all about and, art lovers from local area.

There was a lot of interest in Christine Spring's watercolours and Portrait Artist Jill Buckingham portrait artists pictures of Tibetan Children from her journey there.

The evening was a great success, created more awareness of the website  and the artists who came to  meet the team  have subsequently joined the site!

The site has made great progress during it’s first year, appearing high in Google rankings it is getting noticed by art buyers looking for original works and is also becoming a resource for publishers looking for new talent. The site already offers a wonderful, diverse range of talent and styles of work from artists all over the world.

We are looking forward to further increasing our list of joined up members from the current 550 to around a thousand in the coming months. We are a truly “Global Art Directory”

Photography by Gail Dalamaine





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