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21 November 2013


Can you donate your art or help get local communities involved in their own art scenes to raise money for the Philippines?

Artists Info were honoured to be contacted by Matt Malone, founder of 90to1 to help them raise money through art to help with the Philippines disaster. 90to1 is a charitable organisation that's trying to raise money for the Philippines by selling art and music donated by UK artists. You can see more of what they're about at and We are in discussion to get involved in some way and have pledged to share their Facebook page and website with all our artists as they are looking for donations all the time.

They have only been going about two weeks, but have 4 events planned already for the weekend of December 6th-8th. 2 at London Universities and 2 more as more local community exhibitions. They are planning to launch an online gallery soon and the Master Plan is to film the results of their one big weekend and edit a motivational 'how-to' video so that others can organise their own events around the country (particularly in Uni's). They hope to see exhibitions and performances around the UK. If you can help in any way, please contact them through their website or Facebook page.

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