Artists Info 1-Day Marketing Seminar

14 May 2015

We held our first Seminar 'Preparing for Sales - The Marketing Jigsaw' at The Radlett Centre in Hertfordshire yesterday. There were 20 artists who had come from all over the UK to hear speakers talk about a variety of subjects including pricing, social media, online and offline opportunities, PR, copyright law and much more.

delegates 3


delegates 2


Artists Info's Jean Dennis

victoria 2

Marketing Consultant Victoria Scott


buffet lunch 1

A delicious buffet lunch was served

buffet lunch 2


Lawyer Sarah Staines


Google Partner June Cory, who managed to include George Clooney and Brad Pitt in her talk!

eve drinks and can 3

In the evening, we celebrated Artists Info's 2nd birthday where wine and canapes were served

eve drinks and can 2

eve drinks and can 1

It was a great end to a great day. Here's some of the feedback we received....

"Thank you very much for a stimulating & helpful day."

"I can't recommend this seminar too highly for anyone who wants to know more about selling their artwork."

"The content of the presentations were all relevant, well presented and easy to understand."

"There was an enormous amount of information shared."

"A brilliant day, thank you!"

"Very comprehensive."

"Excellent value."

"I thought the seminar was excellent and gave everybody a lot to learn about.  Strangely enough it made me become more focused on my business and the next day I was very keen to go out and see clients."

"It was lovely to meet you personally yesterday. I wanted to thank both Melanie and yourself (Jean) for a very professional seminar you put together-greatly appreciated and already working on some of the tips."

"Thank you for providing such a well-run and thorough seminar. It gave me a great deal of useful information and an awful lot to think about! I not only learnt from the speakers but also from talking to the other artists and I think it was an extremely productive day."

"Thank you very much for a most stimulating seminar, I don’t think I was able to absorb all the torrent of information, so the support manual you provided will be very helpful."

"I really enjoyed meeting you all & found all the talks most informative & the food was pretty tasty too!"

We will be holding more seminars in the Autumn - you can register your interest by contacting us here

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