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I am a media artist working digitally with a dslr camera and a computer. though this was not always the case. It could be said I am a long-time filmmaker and artist beginning with the underground film scene of NYC in the early 1960s. That's true, though that awareness is only now becoming somewhat apparent to me. My first medium of preference was film, which continued with my move to Vermont in 1969. The work I produced could be described as feature length experimental narrative. As video and computers began to come into prominence, and as my films became more expensive to produce, I began to lean in that new digital direction.

By 1993 I was spending most of my time in the editing room looking at a non-linear editing system on my computer. The change of medium from film to video and the computer affected my work. It was shorter and reflected many more avenues of experimentation than were available with film. Today, in the 21st Century, I'm living in Portland, Maine. I work with a small, light, portable dslr and denser computer editing program than even existed in 1990. But what remains the same, as I now realize it after all these years, is the impetus to work.

My work has been exhibited at venues in much of the world: MoMA, New York City; Filmmuseum, Amsterdam; Tate, Britain; Venice Biennale, Berlin Director's Lounge; and Byron Bay  Festival, Australia to mention several. Only recently I have begun to sell my work in the form of giclee prints or single frame blow-ups of selected images from my films. This shift in focus brings a change in concern from time based creating to static image making, an experience familiar to me as a young artist spending all my time drawing and painting.

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