Sandra Duran Wilson

Artist Bio

Awards and Representation-Sandra Duran Wilson is an international award-winning artist whose work is guided by scientific principles. Her work is in public collections in the state of New Mexico and the city of Santa Fe, including the Santa Fe Convention Center. She is also represented in galleries in the US, Australia and Europe, and is found in many corporate, civic, and educational collections and private collections worldwide. Most recently her art was selected for an Award of Merit in the Manhattan Arts International “The Healing Power of ART” exhibition. She won an Honorable Mention from the International Society of Experimental Artists.

Unusual Source of Inspiration

I have synesthesia, which is a crossing of the senses. For example, when I listen to music I see colors moving like a veil in front of my eyes. Numbers have certain tones, and they in turn produce colors. Frequencies, like the sound of crickets chirping, the wind or running water in a stream all portray shapes and movement in my mind.  The sounds of the forest shaped one painting and another was made while listening to a favorite song. I grew up in a family of scientists and artists so I view the world from both perspectives. Curiosity is my driving force and I use my training in science to set up my experiments in the studio instead of the lab.

Style of Art

My acrylic and mixed media paintings are colorful imagined spacescapes which include cloudscapes, galaxies, shimmering auroras and brilliant skies with echoes of deserts and waves of water. Rich reds, violets, gold and turquoise colors mix with touchable textures to evoke a sense of place and mood. The work includes large paintings that can enhance both home, medical, hotel and office settings. The large horizontal pieces are popular format for commissions. The bold yet sophisticated color palettes create a focus in any setting. There are small works as well that pack a punch in just the right space.  There is even a digital image of a galaxy painting on the Osirix-Rex spaceship. Time and space are concepts I incorporate into my work. When I look at the light of distant stars I become a time traveler, moving back to the beginning of the starlight.

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