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Using a mixed palette, my work shows the physical gesture in the way I scrape the paint in different directions, to create a textured piece which the audience can interpret in their own way.
I am interested in the process of painting and how different colours are mixed together to create a ‘torn’ effect. I started to look at cityscapes from a bird’s eye point of view, as a starting point.

I discovered Gerhard Richter during my studies at University and really grew to like his work. It wasn't just his work which I loved; it was the way he used the paint on a giant canvas, and a huge squeegee to create such amazing abstracts.

Other artists who have inspired me are Piet Mondrian, as I have studied his work in the past and find his work really interesting as this gave me the idea of a cityscape at night.

I have a huge passion for nature especially trees, as I see them as being portrayed like a human skeleton. I have also drawn and painted trees using my own technique using different mediums such as acrylic and black ink.

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