Ruth Slater

I am a contemporary animal artist living on the small Island of Bute off the West Coast of Scotland. My work specialises on the animals that surround me from energetic dogs to Highland cows and wild sea birds. I have a distinctive style called Wire Work which captures the lively movements of the animals and gives the illustrations and paintings a vibrancy all of their own.
My work combines detailed pen and ink illustrations sometimes with mixed media elements and in some cases vibrant colours and textures. My current work is a series of long, slim illustrations of dogs on the beach, jumping, running catching a ball or leaping for a stick. They can be bought mounted only or framed in a simple black frame ready to hang on the wall. I can produce box canvas work in acrylic and pen work for commission on an animal related theme.
I sell cards, prints and original artwork and can be commissioned for work on canvas or bristol board.
My work is quirky, funny and something completely unique for true animal lovers.