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Nick Hais's artistic career began when he graduated from Newcastle Polytechnic with a First Class Dip.A.D in 1971. For the next four years he taught part-time on the Fine Art Degree Course at Newcastle. Since 1976 Nick has been a full time painter. He spent some time living in Greece where he had a number of very successful exhibitions. In 1979 Nick and his family moved to Dorset. For many years Nick owned and ran The Alpha Gallery in Dorset, together with his partner Jill Mirza. Together they co-wrote a colour theory book 'Mix Your Own Acrylics'. He and Jill continue to live in Swanage.

Paintings by Nick Hais are in various corporate and private collections, including those of Accenture, Lucida plc, P&O, Prudential plc, and Craig Venter. He recently completed a commission to supply a number of large paintings for two of the newest generation of cruise ships. His work is regularly exhibited in different venues in England, Scotland and the United States.

Nick Hais is a representational painter inspired by the strong light and vivid shadows of Mediterranean locations. His vibrant, colourful powerful images explore the abstract qualities of objects and buildings with unusual precision. Although, at first viewing, the paintings may seem to be purely figurative, they are in fact based on a concern with line, shape and colour pictorial geometry. The paintings are artificial constructions, where the non-figurative abstract qualities are the primary creative concern. This combining of colours and shapes in structured compositions is what makes painting exciting to the artist. These paintings develop slowly, as they are built up in many layers of paint, applied with precision. All the paintings here are are painted in acrylic on canvas.

Statement:- 'I have always enjoyed the brilliance of rich and vibrant light which, when reflected, creates living shadows. I use this quality as it relates to objects and scenes which display inherent geometries, such as buildings and boats. The paintings often depict small parts of larger scenes or objects, allowing me to concentrate attention on line, shape and colour patterns, rhythms and balances, to create pictorial geometries. In particular I currently utilise highly resonant and organised colour relationships. The result is that my paintings are structured compositions of enhanced clarity.'

Please visit in order to see a much wider selection of my work. The paintings you see here cost from £1,600 up to £9,600.

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