Michelle Larsen

“Looking at the obvious, close observation and engagement of the subject, and then amplifying it with three-dimensional texture and bold color. I push beyond the norm to create an innovation in which the viewer becomes engaged with the painting on various levels; a painting, a sculpture, and countless paper wrinkles creating complexity and detail. Transforming shape and movement into a protruding creation.  Is it a sculpture or is it a painting? I proclaim it is both. I was never satisfied with the simplicity of a one-dimensional painting, so I considered another element to a fundamental concept.”

“Tissue paper is formed, compressed and glued to the canvas to create a three-dimensional piece. After drying time has occurred, bold color is applied giving the piece even more theatrics. The vibrancy and movement of the piece vibrates as if having a pulse. My subject matter consists of land dwellers, nature, living off the land, mountain living, and the human struggle. Awakening an uncomplicated lifestyle.”

Michelle graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in Denver, Colorado in 1980. She studied outdoor advertising, sign art, billboard art, layout and lettering. Then, she went on to become a billboard artist and sign painter.

As the sign industry evolved, and computerized vinyl lettering transformed the sign business, Michelle went on to explore other options. She started Creative Gift Baskets in Boise and developed three ecommerce sites which sold Idaho products and Idaho themed gift baskets. After nine years in business, she sold her company and felt driven to reconnect with art and began painting with oils. Now Michelle has developed an exclusive technique that speaks to her sole.

“Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art”
ArtTour International Magazine

May 2016

Cover of ArtVoices Magazine
Spring 2015

“Best of International Arts”
ArtTour International Magazine

Winter, 2016

“Idaho Artist of the Year”
TOSCA Magazine

Winter 2014

Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art
Chelsea, New York

Stephan Fine Art Gallery
Captain Cook Hotel, Anchorage, Alaska