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Michael Kusz is a Yorkshire based sculptor creating unique works from what is generally recycled materials, mainly copper. Growing up in South Wales gave Michael a strong sense of industrial history. At a young age he had access to all sorts of old tools and materials, ideal for an inquisitive mind. He spent hours creating things, exploring materials and processes, setting a solid foundation for the work he produces today. His work encompasses a wide range of subjects, styles and sizes. From butterflies to dragons, from quirky constructions to cast bronze sculptures, from 5-inch feathers to life-size trees.

Copper is the predominant material he works with, largely due to its sheer versatility. “Stretch it, shrink it, cast it, electro-plate it, hammer it, punch it, it’ll do anything you ask of it – and on top of that its range of colours due to the natural oxidation of the surface is superb”. Its ease to manipulate allows Michael to express any form and style he intends to. It allows the pieces to be built to last, taking up to 90 years outside to turn from bright copper to verdigris green. Furthermore the aspect of upcycling – giving something a new life – lends itself to copper perfectly.

When beginning a piece Michael will immerse himself in the subject entirely, intensively researching to really get a feel for its nature, gaining insight as to how it will transcribe into metal. From there he creates working templates that can be transferred to copper in order to expresses the desired aesthetics. Creating custom tooling and alternative - often forgotten - methods allow him to produce an extensive body of work, to the highest possible quality.

“I hope that when people see my work their inner critic smiles, and they too feel the keen sense of enjoyment and excitement that I experience while creating them.” – Michael Kusz

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