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I am a painter working and living in Glasgow.  I have been exhibiting and selling my work, since I left Art school, in 1988.  I have an enduring fascination with painting and drawing,  and with the physical world I inhabit,  my paintings are my response to this. I paint mostly landscapes and cityscapes and I am interested in the effect of light, seasonal colour changes and the built environment. My paintings are representational but highly textured, often featuring things like spring, apple or cherry blossom, or Autumn tree colour.  I am interested in the formal aspects of painting and my choice of subjects allows me to indulge my passion for creating colour and textural effects.  The subjects I choose often, also have some personal, symbolic significance. I work mostly in oil paint and my paintings range from relatively small (around 25 by 35 cm) to relatively large (around 70 by 120 cm). I have work for sale and I am also willing to work to commission.

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