Mary Ellen Mogee

I am a contemporary abstract painter, working in acrylic and mixed media. My artistic journey is guided by a desire to explore color in all its bright and joyful aspects. I love color and the process of working with it.

Currently I am painting abstract florals on long thin canvases, trying to make the colors glow, to make the flowers truly luminous. Sometimes I use the new fluid and high-flow acrylic paints by pouring, dripping, and manipulating the canvas. This process sometimes results in beautiful cascades of color, intricate patterns, or tired puddles. I also work with thin glazes of translucent and transparent paint. The glazing process allows the light and colors in the deeper layers of the painting to reflect and glow through the upper levels, giving a beautiful sense of depth and luminosity, suggestive of stained glass.

My inspiration comes from external sources such as the beauty of nature and internal sources such as dreams and imagination. Artists such as Matisse, Klimt, Alma Thomas, and Bill Scott also influence me. My goal is continually to search for a unique and authentic personal expression and to share that with others. I feel fulfilled when viewers say, β€œIt makes me feel happy!” I hope my work brings you joy!