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Born in Athens in 1955. He has studied painting in London. He works as a painter, print maker, book illustrator and church-mural artist. He has had many one man group shows in Greece and England, among others at the Byzantine Museum in Athens and the Cultural Foundation of the National Bank of Greece. Much of his artistic work is related to the monastic society of Mt Athos and he is also the curator of The Mount Athos Art Archives which  deals with contemporary artistic production related to the Holy Mountain. His religious commissions include murals for Mt.Athos, the Monastery of St. Katherine on Mt. Sinai and private chapels. You may see part of the procedure in a short video here. His paintings have a realistic approach ,with a lot of stylistic diversion however. He has a passionate interest in different techniques, and thus works with a variety of mediums, from acrylic to true fresco work and from charcoal drawing to collagrphic printmaking. His last exhibition in Athens, "365" involved the showing of 365 small sized works, painted one every day for the length of one year. His previous exhibition, "A Museum of Trees" dealt with art history itself. Trees where painted from all artistic periods, from Ancient to Modern times, invastigating the relationship between seemingly different periods or artistic movements. He has recently taken part in the international exhibition "Myths, memories, mysteries, how artists respond to the past" touring the UK, curated by Roger Wollen.

Most of the work is for sale directly from the artist, and also available for exhibition through interested galleries,(looking for represantation).

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