Margaret Payne

My work ranges from contemporary landscape or seascape to abstract, some large, in acrylic. I am currently working on larger paintings of the north and west of Scotland – Orkney, Caithness and the West Highlands.

I want to convey the sense of visual excitement I get from my surroundings, both urban and rural. The paintings can be abstract, more representational, or somewhere in between. I incorporate different aspects of (or ways of seeing) the same place: e.g. ripples on water, the texture and colours of rocks and pebbles, wet mud and sand. I try to retain a sense of freshness and spontaneity, combined with the enjoyment of the sensual experience of paint, to capture something of the moment of seeing.

I am principally influenced by landscape, but want to emphasize our contemporary experience of it. I hope that these combinations of sometimes disparate or overlooked elements opens up new meaning, relationships and visual energy. I am primarily a painter, but occasionally incorporate mixed media and found objects into my paintings.

Formally, I find the juxtaposition of abstract and representational exciting, as they seem to complement and enrich each other, offering a combination of control and spontaneity. I sometimes experiment with incorporating small fragments of images into a larger setting. I am interested in the added meanings and visual harmonies, or sometimes incongruity, that this produces.