Luz Minerva

LUZ MINERVA was born from the fusion of an inspiration in the Caribbean, with a designer from Barcelona with multiple influences from her travels around the world. As an anthropologist she is dedicated to the conservation of traditional artisan techniques that are slowly disappearing. Laura Rosich, the designer, is also a painter and fashion designer

Her designs are totally handcrafted using the best materials like 925 silver, 18k gold, precious and semiprecious gemstones, exquisite leathers, paves, enamels and handengraved gemstones (intaglio). LM is an eco friendly company recycling gold and selecting beautiful vintage gemstones with a patina to avoid excessive sourcing
The results of the combination of these factors are unique and exclusive pieces of jewelry with one of a kind items and limited editions that correspond to wearable art that captures the eye and enhances the elegance and beauty of the woman who wears it.