Leo Deville

Hello, I am Leo and I’m mainly a ceramist who creates figures, faces, jewellery and sculptural pots. I also enjoy drawing and painting using acrylics. oils & black ballpoint pens to realize my surreal creations.

Each original ceramic piece is made from stoneware clay and has a combination of smoked & painted finishes. I love using many colours especially purples, oranges, blues, deep pinks and greens to enhance the pieces. I also enjoy using mixed media such as wires, textiles & beads to bring a piece alive.

Having worked spontaneously with my ballpoint illustrations for many years, I now prefer to let my art evolve as this lets my subconscious shape my sculptures, ceramics and guide my paintings. Of course there are some times when I have to sketch out initial ideas.

Please feel free to browse my artwork on my website and email me if you have any enquiries.