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Neomosaic is my name

Doing something different requires a new identity. Although I continue to use mixed media, the category does not do justice to the concept. My husband suggested neomosaic. So new, the autocorrect underlines the name for misspelling. Continuing to explore and push the limits of my chosen media, new discoveries add to the excitement of the chase. More and more I simplify the process as I learn to trust what I cannot control.

Beginning with chaos

My process continues to begin with chaos. Molding paste holds the circles, the random scratches and imprints. The four or more layers of base colours provide a solid foundation and unite the haphazard. Drops of colour encouraged to run in all directions lay the basis of shape and mosaic design. Long periods of gazing help me sort which space to leave and which to paint.

Diversity unites

Soon I will venture into subjects beyond landscape in hopes of connecting the whole. My message remains the same: unity in diversity. The richness of our world depends on our preservation of every species, all ethnicities, faiths and expressions. Finding a balance is essential to our survival. Trusting what we cannot control is part of the learning. Allowing space for what we do not understand is part of holding a healthy tension.

Leading to light

Neomosaic helps me express something beyond words. A certain luminosity imbues the subject and grows with the trust in the process.  Light allows us to see. Trust makes it possible to live with differences. Together we can move toward the light and the fullness of life.

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