karen blanchet

New blends, more flow

As I continue to explore mixed media and the ordering of random accidents, new findings excite me. In my latest series “Sacred” I have added new blends of complementary colours. The texture continues to direct a more dramatic interflow of gray rivulets. The negative spaces receive more pure colour.

Order out of chaos

The why of my work speaks more urgently. In our chaotic world order is possible. Out of disorder beauty peeks. Creating order requires listening. Spirit is everywhere, even in the concrete. She is easier to find in flowing water and budding blossoms.

Call to contemplation

The call is to slow down, contemplate, receive the wisdom of  the natural world. Hug a tree. Plant a garden. Protect our planet. Become one.

All is sacred

Everything is sacred. It is time to step aside and allow the flow. Life is so good when we co-create.