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As a painter I am currently working on large acrylic paintings with themes like"landscape" and "wave". My painting method allows me to use only two colours in one painting, this provides a kind of abstraction and a lot of atmosphere with a little bit of magic. My studio in Southern France allows me two mounths a year painting there plein air.

I am also working as a sculptor in Germany with stone (marble and granite), many kinds of wood and iron. My fafourite themes are waves and mythic figures. The sizes are lifesize and larger. In summertime I am organizing regularly meetings (symposia) of international artists at my studio place. On the other hand I take part in international symposia of sculpting in Europe, where some of my sculptures are part of sculpture paths or sculpture gardens. I myself founded a sculpture park near my home town, where I collect sculptures of my international artist friends. In former years I organized two symposia in Greece ("Demeter" at Milos/Greece with patrimonia of Melina Mercouri, a drama symposia in an ancient theatre with 31 active artists and "Aiolos" at Tinos/Greece, a meeting of 55 artists from all over the world)

I am also doing installations like my priced one named "boatpeople" that was installed at the coast lines of Norway, Germany and Southern France (shown at my homepage: juergen-batscheider.de) as well as in lakes and rivers of Switzerland, Germany and Italy. The theme of it is the relation of man and the sea, historical and actual. We do have the problems of refugees, but also the love to the sea and the feeling of beeing a part of it while making a boat trip. The "boatpeople" installation received the "Schloss Garatshausen Award" in 2014. I also won the GMA-Award of Roche/Switzerland in 2014.

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