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I am a printmaker specialising in colour reduction Linoprints. The images are figurative, derived sometimes from my coastal and moorland surroundings, but also from memorable sightings, occasions and striking viewpoints. There is no single theme in my work, nor any particular issue to pursue through it. I try to explore varied interpretations of my chosen topics by modifying my printing techniques. Each image has first usually been a drawing or photograph which then may act as a specific guide for a print or just a generalised idea to be further developed.

Perhaps the subjects for my printed images could be loosely categorised under: Landscapes, Seascapes and Assorted, with the latter including a wide range of unrelated sources. An example of this would be the recently completed suite of twelve prints entitled 'A Mediaeval Zodiac' with images derived from French 12th century stained glass. Contrast this set with a trio of prints based on drawings of two people on a train at scenic window seats . Landscape images include prints of Swaledale sheep in a field at dusk, cattle grazing behind a dry-stone wall in a sea-mist covered pasture, and a bright sunlit glade seen through a darkened copse of trees. One Seascape print is of a man reading by a window through which is a deserted beach; another is of the dawn reflected sky in the wet sands of Robin Hoods Bay.

I produce my prints by the reduction-block method, by which successive overlaying colours are printed progressively from the same linoblock (or blocks), with the block(s) being cut or etched away between each colour stage. This system usually guarantees more accurate colour registration, but also means that only one edition of each completed image can ever be made. No further editions are possible. Making and printing one such edition, up to 36 prints, may take from five to ten days work, depending on the prints complexity and range of colours. All the images are printed on an 'Albion' cast-iron platen press of c.1840.

The paper I use is mould-made acid-free cotton rag, weight 175 to 250 gm/

The printing inks are linseed-oil based.

I am a member of 'The Printmakers Circle', a group of professional printmakers across North Yorkshire who embrace printmaking in its many forms. We meet regularly to share aspects of working as artists/printmakers, and occasionally exhibit together.

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