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I am a professional artist living and working in Dorset. My paintings can be abstract or figurative, inspired by drawings or memories of particular places; things seen or experienced. I work in oils, acrylics and mixed media on canvas or wooden panels. Sizes vary from small intimate paintings to larger, expressive canvases.

I've always been drawn to the natural world. Living as I do on the coast, five minutes from the sea and cliffs and beaches there is a ready made wealth of inspiration for someone who has always loved the sea. However, regular visits to Cornwall, staying on the harbour in St Ives, walking those beautiful beaches at the Hayle Estuary, and drawings made on a particularly cold, bright and excessively windy day at Zennor, gave birth to this particular group of paintings.

Being on the coast gives an awareness of the constantly changing light. As the seasons, tides, and weather change,  so does the whole feel of a place. The challenge for me as an artist is to capture something of this. As a painter I love the expressive use of colour. Bright strong colours have an energy whilst blues, bring to mind something quieter, clear blue skies and seas; but when the mist hangs in the bay or over the harbour or angry storm clouds gather out to sea, lovely soft, modulated greys and luminous pale yellows or heavy, brooding dark greys and reds are called for. It all depends on the mood.

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