Jennifer McKinnon

Why dumpsters? As a mother of three young children, I found dumpster hunting to be a welcome addition to my otherwise mundane life.

I approach each dumpster as a new challenge. How can I transform this unsightly beast into something beautiful? How can I make this man-made rectangular metal object into an abstract photograph representing something found in the natural world? With each collection, I aim to showcase dumpsters in a new light transforming them from ugly containers to photographic artwork.

Hiding in plain sight, in driveways, behind stores, and littering parking lots – I search out dumpsters to study up close and personal. I play with reflections, water, and light while focusing on 2”x 3” sections of a dumpster at a time. I have been known on occasion to climb into a dumpster if the inside is particularly beautiful. Back in the editing room, I adjust saturation, highlights, and colors – transforming my original images of dumpsters into colorful abstracts.

What started as a way to escape the world of laundry, dishes, trips to the grocery store, and soccer carpool, turned into a passion for creating art from an ordinary object most people pass every day but rarely see.