Jeanette Faulkner-Clarke

I graduated from Gloucester University in 2008 with a degree in fine art and history of art, and I am currently living and practicing in Worcestershire.

I have exhibited at art centres and galleries in Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Cheltenham and Birmingham. I also have on going exhibitions at other galleries and locations around the country.

My inspiration stems from the inherent beauty and spirit in all things manifested in form, and therefore my subject matter is wide and varied. I paint and draw large and average sized pictures on canvas or framed glass.

I choose to paint both abstract and representational images, as each style is effective at depicting and extracting the source from within.

Although I work in any medium eg, oils, acrylics etc, , my favoured materials to use are mixed media and inks with excessive amounts of water. The slightly unpredictable nature of ink and water sometimes allows a certain measure of serendipity, which I find, suits my overall intention.

Everything has the capacity to capture the imagination, but in particular I find horses and their magnificent, attractive, bold and yet paradoxically nervous and subservient nature, interesting and endearing. For these reasons, my latest work is a series of horses showing many of their characteristics.
I exhibit my work and also do a wide range of commisions covering any subject.