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I believe that there is positive and healing energy hidden in colours.
Through my art, I want to bring this power about.

The aim of my creations is to generate a ‘feel-good’ factor, bring a smile to your face and positive mood.

My artwork captures people's passion for sports: athletes in action - cycling, running, playing rugby, rock climbing and many more.

I also paint urban landscapes of famous cities and towns. These are medium to large paintings on canvas. I have a condition called ‘synesthesia’ which means fusion of senses. I can ‘hear colours’ and ‘taste music’. Because of this I am particular about colour and have developed a special painting technique mixing a variety of media: firstly, mixing inks with acrylics which allows me to maintain very bright and vivid colours; secondly, I finish my paintings with a household gloss paint, usually black or navy blue. The gloss miraculously defines my composition and gives texture. Sometimes I would use gloss colour complementary to the colour of the background and in this way bring contrast to the painting.

Using a household non-drip gloss paint is my favourite medium. The paint is dripped freely from a pallet knife onto a surface, I would have very little control over the tool, allowing the lines to flow their own lives and in this way my paintings get the effect of fast movement and action. This technique is perfect for my sports collectin and it has become my trademark and signature technique.

I always include lots of warmth and colour. Above all, I want my work to make people smile, fill with happiness and joy.

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