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Vibrancy and high gloss has always been my focus and passion. Developing over a number of years various techniques to obtain a sense of flow, depth, colour. The pictures are organic and abstract, created and guided by me but ultimately you never quite know what will develop.

People see different things in my pictures, some see objects, people, animals, nature and for some its just pure colour.

Due to the materials used, light is reflected to provide a depth of colour that many people think is actually glass. This is difficult to show in photographs. I use Artist quality UV stable resin, high quality pigments and an aluminium base.

Due to the base of the picture being on aluminium this provides flexibility in their use,  if they are not framed in the traditional way (instead I put on a sub frame to look as if floating on the wall)  these pictures are waterproof. As well as the usual applications for these pictures in homes such as lounge and bedroom they can also be used in the following places:-

  • Bathroom Art - either floating on top or inserted into tiling and can be used as splash-backs
  • Kitchen Art - as splash-backs or as a piece or art in a steam environment
  • Corporate Art for offices, reception and meeting areas
  • Hotel Art used in hotel lobbies, bedrooms or lounge areas
  • Garden Art used in outside garden areas, I currently have a couple of pieces that have been exposed to the English weather for 6 months with no ill effect to the original picture
  • Coffee Table Art - the panels can be recessed under glass to provide a unique coffee table or I can resin over the top of a glass table if the table design is suitable (this would not be scratch resistant)

Most of my paintings are vibrant in colour such as blues, greens, yellows and reds. The colour is encompassed to its best advantage.

It is difficult to show the true depth of colour in photographs due to the high gloss reflection. Pictures can be layered to provide different levels of colour, from transparent through to opaque.

Every picture is unique and can never be recreated due to the organic process in which they are created. Which means that although you can commission a piece in terms of colour size and preference, the end design is as nature intends!

Works for sale:
Commissions Undertaken:
Price Range:
£500 - £1500

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