Dream Weavings

My artistic identity includes being a Certified Practicing Colour Therapist from The School of Natural Health Sciences London, England, which is a member of The International College of Holistic Medicine.

We are vibratory creatures and every atom of our bodies are resonating with energy and color! The colors that the letters of your name represent are said to be chosen on another level before this current birth. The colors in your name are the most healing and stabilizing to all the systems in your physical body and non-physical bodies. Colors are some of the “words” in the language of the Soul. I create Mandalas from the color vibrations of each individual letter of your birth name. I also create Healing Mandalas in terms of any type of ‘dis-ease’ you may be experiencing, or
from your Astrological sign.

I recreate images from the Subtle Plane thru Dream interpretation digitally.

I have been a traditional and digital artist for over 40 years.

Contact me if you would like digital art made from your own dreamscapes.

My work is an expression of my my humble Gratitude to the Universe.

Have a peaceful day ;-}