Diane Montana Jansson

I have always drawn and painted. I attended the San Francisco academy of art studying figure drawing, painting and design. Having lived and worked in San Francisco, Los Angeles, the north of England and on a small Greek island, I now live with my husband in Red Rock Canyon Nevada surrounded by my garden.
I am quite experimental in my art, using mixed media including print, painting and photography. My gallery features a vibrant piece in bright orange.

I consider myself to be a mixed media artist.

Digital photography is a relatively new addiction  which I use in a very painterly manner as a mixed media tool.

The colors, composition, and tenacity of nature are the driving forces of my work and of my daily life. From the moment I could walk I followed my Mother’s footsteps in her garden watching her encourage nature to take hold, gain strength and bloom.

I believe that we as people carry the same qualities within ourselves that are inherent in the plant world. In spite of our frailties we own amazing qualities that combat adversity and enable us to bloom and create again and again. I think this is apparent in the portraits and figures I have drawn and painted.

In my mind, laziness is a sin against nature and complacency a living death…