Chrystaleni Healy

In the dim and distant past, Arty Pumpkin, (then known as Chrys), studied Graphic Art at Camberwell College of Art. Having fulfilled her earning a living (as a graphic designer) and childrearing responsibilities, she returned to her love of drawing, especially life drawing.

Over the past few years she has begun to explore a variety of media; pencil, pastel, paint, print and discovering a penchant for phrases. Keeping an attentive ear open for interesting words – heard on the radio, read in the papers or books, discovered in poems, overheard from peoples’ mouths. Always having a pen to hand, and if no paper is available, will record them in biro on her hands.

Continuing to explore patterns from nature to old print blocks, shapes of the clouds to moss on brickwork, shadows and silhouettes cast by trees to profiles of humans. The words are produced by printing from a growing collection of old wooden letterpress type then combined with the images, be it from life drawings or pattern making efforts, with a view to producing interesting, hopefully thought provoking, pieces.

Also happy to do commissions.