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How do you feel when you visit Harbours? Does it intrigue?  Do you love the romance? Or do you love to explore the workings of the area, the harbours, all the accoutrements therewith, can you smell the seaweed and the mud when the tide is out? Imagine yourself there now, in your special place, actually be there  -  then turn and look at Annettes' harbours in all their power. See the shapes of mud stranded boat hulls, the lines of the rivets on older and wrecked vessels, or the abstract sense of water, its' tidal movement and colours. Poking about seeing what others might miss, this is what her latest work investigates.

After ‘A’ levels at school, Annette went to Coventry College specialising in paint and sculpture, then worked in screen print design.  She taught in adult education and from 1998 returned to her studies. She attended Tresham College for 4 years, studying for City and Guilds Parts 1 and 2 in textile design and embroidery where she developed print, both on paper and textile. Followed by two years of design master classes in London by the renowned John Allen. Now she is based in her Blue Frog Studio where latterly she has been concentrating on mixed media paintings and adding abstracts to her repertoire.

Annette is a member of the Printmakers Council, and the Northampton Town and County Art Society. In 2011 she became a fellow of the Fellowship of Professional and Amateur Artists.

Her beautiful work is held in private collections in England, Scotland, Wales, Japan, Panama, Bangkok, USA and South Africa. She also has work in the Victoria and Albert Museum and Scarborough Museum.

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