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Van Renselar is a digital artist who paints directly on screen and produces each digital painting as a giclee canvas. After committing himself fully to digital painting 12 years ago he has rapidly become one of the most original of the emerging contemporary artists in the UK.

His richly coloured digital painting output ranges from outright abstracts through semi-abstract to figurative works. He is mostly concerned with illustrating his own imagination-led view of life using composition and colour to create intriguing and strikingly different art. His inspiration comes from experiences which are visual, cerebral and emotional in nature.

In each digital painting by Van Renselar, colour is equally as important as the general design. He will spend a lot of time perfecting the tone of a particular colour with the objective of establishing harmony both in terms of compostition and the use of colour.

Across his range of colourful contemporary art, there is no defining key of symbols. There is no ‘language’ for the viewer to learn. Each piece of work establishes itself on its own visual merits and the viewer’s interest.

As Van Renselar says, "I want to use my knowledge of colour, image and composition to make pictures which intrigue and capture the viewer's attention. I take ideas from around and within me, using intuition and imagination to create a new context. Much of my work is born in my subconscious, where I see events, actions and ideas as particular images and colours. As some music can take on a different significance after it has left the composer's pen, I encourage the viewer to imagine their own narrative around the picture.”

Van Renselar also accepts commissions.

More digital paintings by Van Renselar can be seen at

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01689 860777

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