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4 September 2014


Artists Info is committed to safeguarding the interests of all artists. Just one of the benefits of being part of our community.

We were alerted to a suspicious email by one of our artists and set to work investigating it. We uncovered a number of similar emails to around 30 other artists around the world who we have saved from being scammed.

Contact the helpline if you have had emails or do receive emails from:

EITHER Aidrian or Gregory Carleton
Sydney NSW 2000
Australia OR other Australian addresses
[email protected] OR similar named emails

Others to look out for include:

- MIKEL RAMOS from Barcelona

- Frank Benett

- Chloe Sullivan - [email protected]

- Kelly Williams - 43 Butcher Street, Strabane, Co. Tyrone, BT82 8BJ. Ireland. +447031813820 [email protected]

-  Pete Cooper, with shipment to Cyprus.  Multiple US artists have received orders from him within the last month.

- Laura George - [email protected]

- Steve Wood - [email protected]

- Baham Rayne - [email protected]

Please call: Tel 0300 123 2040
Or, if outside the UK  +44 161 234 9230
Reference to quote : NFRC 140800746388

The Fraud squad have explained to us how these scams normally work:

The supposed buyer arranges a cheque to pay you for items plus shipping. This is likely to be a stolen cheque from a large company.

The cheque clears, you then release the goods to their supposed shippers.

Several days/weeks or possibly months later.... the company report money being drawn from their bank account, cheques discovered as stolen.

The company's bank then recalls the money from your bank account.

You are left with no money, no pictures and
NO knowledge of where they have been taken
to by these supposed shippers.

IT’S A REAL SCAM.......Don’t get caught - Make sure you report to Action Fraud.

Please share this scam alert on Facebook and Twitter to save others getting conned!

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