1 January 1970

Art by Lynne Forrester: Blog: 30 Paintings in 30 Days - introducing the complete Winter Skies series

Art by Lynne Forrester: Winter Skies SeriesWinter Skies Series
Cloudscape paintings in soft pastels
40x30cm each

So there we have it - a whole series of the stunning colours of the skies over Skye from each day of last month and the beginning of this one. And what a thirty days it was! As always, I'm delighted to have completed the paintings and even though I've been painting clouds for a few years now, I feel I've learned so much in the last month.

Thank you for sharing the experience with me - I'm off to busily frame paintings of a whole other genre (life drawings and abstracts) for my next exhibition (see my exhibitions page on my website for details). Then I'll delightedly pick up the paintbrushes and/or pastels again with glee.

Shop the Winter Skies Series: https://www.lynneforrester.com/

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