Art by Lynne Forrester: Blog - 30 Paintings in 30 Days, Day One 'Vivacious Spirits'

1 January 1970

'Vivacious Spirits'

Oil on Canvas Board

#1 Highland Heathers Collection

The heathers are vibrant in their purples and pinks throughout the Scottish Highlands. At the end of the summer as the bracken tips are turning reds and browns, the colours of the heather become brighter and prouder amongst their autumnal counterparts. It is these beauties that I've focused on for my new Highland Heathers collection as part of the September '30 Paintings in 30 Day's challenge.

Here's today's blogpost:

'Vivacious spirits bloom with wild abundance as they get the first inkling of seasonal change. That first shudder as cooler air sweeps over the crofts instigates a true springing of colour and energy as the heathers leap up from their short stems in clumps of loveliness.'

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