Art by Lynne Forrester: Blog - 30 Paintings in 30 Days, Day Five - 'The Daily Dance'

1 January 1970

Art by Lynne Forrester: 'The Daily Dance' (Cloudscape in soft pastels, 40x30cm)The Daily Dance
Cloudscape in soft pastels

The inevitable meeting and attraction of opposite energies converges as the end of the daylight dance begins. Huge purple eyelids take bigger blinks and the sun starts its descent. Colours become more vibrant whilst the curtain call is taken - it’s the highlight of the day and they know it! Yellow fronds lick and lash as they settle in for the cool of a winter evening.

​The daily dance of opposing energies has taken place: the outcome a foregone conclusion but today they make the interchange stunningly passionate. Intertwined in the sky, the colours waltz and whirl until only one remains.

(This painting isn't formally for sale as there are slight abnormalities in the paper. Offers can be made though 😉 - just message me).

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