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29 May 2013

Have you discovered these AMAZING new Resins? 


Bring existing artwork to life or design stunning creations from scratch with Eli-Chem Resins.

These amazing finishes come in a variety of clear casting resins for artwork applications.
The result is a gloss varnish that adds vibrancy whilst providing on-going protection.


These special resins are user-friendly (no fume, no odour, non-flammable) and are ideal for layered collage work, lens-effects and 3D appearance paintings. They are even U.V stabilised for indefinite optical clarity. They can be applied without any need for special equipment, breathing apparatus or face masks and there are no restrictions on shipping means as Eli-Chem deliver worldwide.


Eli-Chem Resins has launched a revolutionary step forward in pigments for artwork with their latest pioneering technology, Eli-Glow.

You can now create stunning artwork effects that come alive in the dark…

For the first time these amazing pigments are available in a fine crystal form for easy mixing into their Clear Artwork Resins. They can be added to the resin or sprinkled over the surface of the artwork (painting or sculpture) and sealed in place with a brush-coat.

By day the crystals absorb UV light and after dark they release energy in a long-lasting glow.
This enables the artist / designer to have two very different artistic effects as the light changes.


Unlike conventional pigments, Eli-Glow is not a primary light reflector, but is an actual source of light. They have the ability to absorb radiant energy from natural sunlight (or interior lighting and convert it into longer wavelengths in the visible spectrum…thereby emitting it as light with the sensation of colours.

Available Colours : Green, AquaMarine Blue. More to follow soon.


Mix the crystals into our clear epoxy resins (5-10% by weight) and pour over the entire surface to achieve a general glow colour across the painting or sculpture. By day it is invisible and will not affect the optical clarity of the coating, by night it comes to life transforming the entire appearance. Alternatively the crystals can be sprinkled or scattered in some areas to highlight in a line, spot or even trace a curved section.


Eli-Glow is harmless, non-toxic, non-radioactive, non-hazardous and not restricted for air/road/sea transport.

 Full MSDS available on request.  Eli-Glow pigments release light for up to 10 hours in darkness and "charge up" in minutes.

Find out more and order direct here:

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