How do I edit my map location?

login-to-artists-infoYour location is displayed on a map on your listing page (just below your image gallery). To change your map location, first Log In to your account. See other FAQ’s if you don’t know how to do this.

Then, float your mouse over the ‘Artists’ pin in the left hand column and click on ‘Artists’. Then, click on your artist name. This should open your listing ready for editing. You’ll see something like this…

How to edit map location

Scroll down the page until you come to the section entitled ‘Listings Custom Maps’. It will look similar to this…

Updating my map location

Taking each of the points in turn…

  1. Ensure that the ‘Enable map on this post’ box is checked (unless you don’t want a map shown on your listing page, in which case uncheck the box, click ‘UPDATE’ and exit).
  2. Put your address into the ‘Search for an address’ box and click ‘Plot’. This should center the map on your location and show a red map marker.
  3. You can drag the map around if you don’t like the view, and you can zoom it in / out by clicking the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ icons. Your map will be displayed at this zoom level on your listing page.

After you have made ANY changes to your listing, please ensure that you press the ‘UPDATE’ button (towards the top-right of the page).

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