Can I display my telephone number on my listing?

By default, we don’t display your telephone number on your listing when it is first added, as we know that some people don’t want this. However, you can edit your listing to switch the display on / off as required.

Here’s how you do it :

  1. artists-info-how-to-update-telephone-numberLog in to your Artists Info account and edit your listing – please check our other FAQs if you don’t know how to do this
  2. Scroll down to the custom settings towards the bottom of your listing and look first for the telephone number field – check that this contains your correct number and change it if not
  3. artists-info-how-to-switch-telephone-number-on-or-offThen, scroll a little further down to the ‘Show Telephone’ field, and check the ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ to choose your option
  4. Don’t forget to click the ‘Update’ button once you have changed your fields

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