How can I change the order of images in my listing page?

artists-info-ordering-gallery-imagesYou can alter the order in which your images appear in the gallery carousel on the right-hand side of your listing page.

1. Login and edit your listing

2. Go to your ‘Gallery Images’ section and click ‘Manage Gallery’

3. Put numbers into the boxes shown to represent the order in which you want your images displayed. Images are displayed in descending order, so your first image displayed will be the one with the highest number. You can use the ‘Ascending’, ‘Descending’ links to reorder your images, but please bear in mind that images will always be actually displayed in your gallery in descending number order (so image with order number 12 will be displayed ahead of image with order number 11, and so on).

4. Save your changes when you have finished

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