Adding an Exhibition

You can now add details of art exhibitions that you are running or exhibiting in to the Artists Info site. The exhibition will display on our Exhibitions page for the duration of the exhibition.

The quick way to add your exhibition is to follow the website top navigation to the Exhibitions page, and then click the ‘Add Your Exhibition’ link, which will take you to a form where you can enter the details.

Adding an Exhibition through the website form

Once on the exhibition form page, complete the required fields and submit the form. Fields should be completed as follows :

Event Name – enter the official name of the exhibition

From / To Dates – enter the date range of the exhibition

From / To Times – these are the start and end times, and apply to each day that the exhibition runs for. If you exhibition has different times on different days (e.g. weekends) then enter the widest time range here and then add more specific timings in the exhibition detail field

Where – Type in the name of the gallery, hall etc where the exhibition will take place. If the location is already known, we’ll offer it to you as a selection here. If not, you’ll need to enter the rest of the address details in the remaining fields. This is useful if you are going to have a number of exhibitions at the same place. You’ll just need to add the location once and then select it for subsequent events.

Details – here’s where you can enter more information about the exhibition. Try to put as much relevant information as you can – who is exhibiting? what sort of art is being exhibited?

Event Image – if you have an image to represent the exhibition (e.g. photo of the gallery, example of artwork on display etc.) then upload it here and it will be displayed alongside the exhibition detail.

Once submitted, our admin team will review the details and then publish it on the site if accepted. You’ll get an email to say that the exhibition has been published.

Adding an Exhibition through your artist listing login

This is another way to add your exhibition. When logged-in to your artists info listing, you will now see an ‘Events’ tab. Click this and add / edit your exhibitions. This is a good way to add an exhibition if it doesn’t have a physical location (e.g. if it is online only!). In the ‘Where’ section, just click the ‘This event does not have a physical location’ checkbox.

Enter the exhibition name in the title field, and the details of the exhibition in the main text area beneath this. Further down the page you will see the ‘Where’ section.

On the right hand side of the page you should enter the ‘When’ fields, then set a featured image (if you ave an image that represents the exhibition). If not, don’t worry, just ignore this field.

If you want to improve the search engine optimisation for your exhibition, take a look at the Yoast SEO section. There are other FAQs to help you with this section. It’s not mandatory, so only work on it if you are particularly keen!

You can ignore all other fields on the page, and click the ‘Submit for Review’ button when finished.

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