How do I add captions to my gallery images?

Manage your galleryCaptions are displayed beneath your images on your Artists Info listing page. They can be useful to describe your work, sizes, or media to your visitors, and can also help boost your search engine optimisation (SEO) – especially if you use key words that your visitors are likely to search for!

Step 1 – edit your listing and click on ‘Manage Gallery’ within your ‘Gallery Images’ section.

Click 'show' to open up your gallery image for editingStep 2 – find the image that you’d like to caption, and click ‘Show’.

Type your caption and save changesStep 3 – type your required caption into the field provided, and then scroll down and click ‘Save All Changes’.

You should now see your caption appear beneath your image on the right-hand side of your Artists Info listing page.

Note : Please try to keep your caption below 100 characters in length. Otherwise, it may be truncated. If your caption is larger than 100 characters, it may still be displayed in full if your visitor clicks on a gallery image to view it in a ‘pop up’ lightbox.

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