Social Media (online promotion with our popular social channels)

Social Media (online promotion with our popular social channels)

Social media is a great way to increase your exposure as it is a very visual medium and people love to share things they like.

We have a strong social media presence and work with a number of partners to ensure it is maintained.

We will promote you in lots of ways through our site, YouTube channel, social media and extended networks in order to drive relevant targeted traffic to your site and ultimately hep you sell your artwork.

We work with certified Google partner My Mustard to get our artists seen utilising Google Adwords, PPC, FB and Twitter advertising.

Barbara Jardine has had an increase in traffic to her website and more sales because of Artists Info

“There has been a huge surge in interest in my work and it’s all thanks to Artists Info! Artists Info contacted me – I guess having seen my website. I usually treat similar unsolicited contacts with cynical caution, but I am so glad that I followed my gut and contacted them.  Even though I am the first Caribbean artist on their books, and my website is not even a commercial site as such, the team have gone out of their way to bring it and the work to a wider audience using their technical knowledge, PR skills and genuine interest. My dealings with them have been on a personal, interactive level as well – a rarity in this digital era. Artists considering joining should feel comfortable and safe in their hands.”

If you would like expand your reach with social media and other networks, apply to join us today.

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