Global reach (publicity with galleries and publishers)

Global reach (publicity with galleries and publishers)

A listing on our award-winning site is a great way to gain exposure to a much larger audience making you easier to find.

Celebrity Artist & Published Author, Jon Hamilton-Fford, MBE has joined Artists Info. Jon’s notable, artistic career spans over four decades and has provided art and graphics for film, television and the music industry. His paintings have travelled to the United Nations in Vienna, Europe and across North America. One such artwork now resides within the Houses of Parliament, London.

He says of Artists Info and it’s Co-Founder Melanie Burnell:

“I have no reservations about recommending Melanie and her online art gallery Artists Info. The one thing that is abundantly clear, having listened to one of her interviews as Arts Correspondent for The Cultural Review, is her bubbly, friendly, personality. She is, without doubt, someone on the leading edge of art and promoting individuals in a way that pulls the listener in to her conversations. That said, this recommendation is about Melanie, her wonderful personality, and her work with her online register Artists Info. If, like me, you have a great sense of humour, you will find her interviews insightful, warming, intellectual and a wonderful way to hear about artists who are making the headlines.”

Already a published author with his editor/writer wife Jean, Jon’s pedigree as a ‘Celebrity’ artist, is set to rise yet higher. His collection of over 300 artworks, has now been catalogued, priced and displayed worldwide. To find out more visit his gallery listing on Artists Info.

Sarah Thee Campagna “Someone in Canada spent almost three hours on my site last night – 150 page views. They got there via your site.”

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