Detailed profile (image gallery, profile, bio) update any time

Detailed profile (12-image gallery, profile / blog you update any time)

Your profile on our website is comprehensive enough to give potential buyers a really good idea of you as an artist. We encourage you to have a detailed profile which you can update as often as you like. This enables you to use it as mini blog, talking about recent projects or work if you want to.  For smaller Artists this can be hugely beneficial as it allows you to get your news to a wider audience than just your web traffic.

A 12 image gallery is also substantial and allows you to promote a variety of key pieces which you can change once they are sold (we allow unlimited updates of your gallery too).

A link to your website, a Google Map and the ability for potential buyers to contact you directly also allows you to communicate effectively with galleries, designers and private collectors.

In order to help potential buyers search for artists we have a category listing and you can list your work in 3 categories to reach a wider base of potential clients.

‘Artist To The Stars’ Paul Stillwell says “I’ve had my artwork showcased in many galleries both online and offline and by far the best results I’ve had are with Artists Info… it’s a brilliant website!”

Video footage of the celebrities signing their portraits

Ben Askem used a website tracker to see where visitors to his site had come from and was surprised by the results:

“I was amazed to see that I had more referrals to my site from Artists Info than through Google or from people directly visiting my website! It just shows the exposure we artists get on Artists Info.”

As a selected directory joining is by invitation only.  We assess every application on 3 key areas: creativity, innovation and skill. We have a huge amount of respect for every artist and proudly showcase a wide variety of work encompassing many different styles, but regret that we cannot accept every application.

Get your profile and increase your artwork sales by requesting your invitation today and get our email series on selling your artwork.

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