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I am an abstract expressionist oil painter living and working in New York City. Currently I am preparing for a solo exhibition in the lobby of a Midtown Manhattan Office building in December and another solo exhibition in a smaller venue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in November 2015. The lobby project will have 4 massive abstract oil paintings (152 x 244 cm), and three large ones (152 x 137 cm). It is an exciting project. All are abstract expressionist, and based on my experiences on a recent round-the-world trip.

The process of painting is my focus, not trying to end up a certain way. I just begin and see what happens, often starting out in one place and ending in another, with no idea how I got there or how to “do it again.” Painting for me is like a roller coaster, terrifying and yet exhilarating. When I look at a painting and say to myself, “How did I ever do that?” Then I know it’s good! I am proud of myself for having the courage to put myself on the line each and every time I paint. Starting is the key. Then, one color, one line will lead to another.

Traveling is an important inspiration for my painting. I don't paint until I return, but seem to absorb the colors and atmospheres and vibes of places that affect me on an emotional level. When asked, “What were you thinking when you were painting?” I reply, “I try not to think, that just gets in the way. I “Just Do It". Funnily, I wear Nikes when I paint!

My main inspiration is my past. What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and in my case it made me paint! The process helps me to reconnect with my own self, to heal, to grow, to appreciate, to love and to feel loved and to create my own reality.

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