Ronnie Jiang

‘Hello, my name is Ronnie Jiang. I am an acrylic painter. I was a fashion designer for seven years in Indonesia and two years in China. My experiences in Designing influence me when I paint: how to work step by step, the structural, the choice of themes, the research for the figures, the technique etc. After that, all that was on my canvas is the expression of images I have seen, read, the experiences that stored in my head for all these years. These images allow me to express my ideas. It may be also some words of a book that I read. A writer uses words to express themselves, and as a painter I use images of my world to express myself. My work is both figurative, illustrative, a bit decorative and thought-provoking. I like to create dramatic or ironic, something that invites people to think. My style has evolved from graphic to figurative, I am interested in all sort of patterns/motifs. My experiences as a designer have influenced me a lot for the patterns. I have no fetish in any object, everything is fine. It’s an approach to reality or I rather say my reality.