Robert Wood


After fifty years behind the lens covering social,sports,image banks and landscape, I’ve discovered a genre never experienced,’Street Photography’.


Walking city streets with my camera was a revelation in artistic freedom and self re-invention.

Finding and developing my ‘style’ in ‘Street Photography’.

Using the camera and imagination in a completely different and exciting way.

The Venue.

I lived in Barcelona for several years when I decided to tackle ‘Street Photography’, the most difficult of photographic genres.

Barcelona was an ideal venue,a baptism of fire I suppose it can be called,that’s how it felt to me at least.

The Unexpected.

I very quickly discovered with ‘Street Photography’ that not everyone cares to be photographed,especially by a complete stranger.

Techniques and Tactics.

Shooting strategies had to be devised,adopted and appear quite natural,non threatening or devious.

In Barcelona with so many people I found the best and most successful tactic shooting ‘Street Photography’ was to blend in as  a tourist.

Results and Conclusion.

Of all the genres,’Stree Photography’ gives me the artistic satisfaction that I’ve been missing.

A plus side is that it’s so available,convenient and streets are in constant change during every day.

The irony is I’ve always loved Henri Cartier Bresson,the supposed father of ‘Street Photography’, and never considered having a go.